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Room Installation
LED / Screens / Stage / Camera / RCA Cable / Projector

Western culture with its development, has been a strong influence for the rest of the world and it has been commonly adopted by other countries. Popular media has been spread widely in a way that it’s arrived directly and subtlety. Mostly in the developing countries, the common sense of having a white skin means beauty, talking English slang means cool, looking trendy means being modern, having an educational background in Europe or US means being well- educated and “(over) qualified” for the job (a bigger chance to get a higher salary), etc. show how the general mind- set of behavior has been “directed” to get closer to the capital or the dominant. The so-called “West” that characterized by civilization, freedom, modern and so on has been also a strong magnet to be ‘aimed’ to, by people in searching a form of how to live better (to gain life quality, experience, education, a better future or a safer life).

The fact that the sun goes down in the West and the commonly-used film scene of a person walks or rides into the sunset are borrowed to contextualize the installation and to be used as an important element to drive the work in being read and experienced as a whole. In the film language, the scene of a person (or more) walks or rides into the sunset after winning a battle or getting over an “extra ordinary” phase in his journey indicates a new happy life begins at the end. Even though this scene commonly appears in the end of the film, the meaning that carried suggests that a better life will start soon after the end, in the direction where the sun goes down. In the sense that the END means the new BEGINNING, the better life scene that is not shown or continued in the film remains as projection or future.

The work is installed in a dark big room and the visitor are expected to walk up and down over a “stage”, which is a relatively steep and high. This action will be live-broadcasted through a video camera and a projector into a screen. By making a situation where a visitor can see him self in another “space” and “time”, this work attempts to investigate the relation between the present of him while seeing him self in the screen and the future of him where his projection composed into a constellation of meaning that carried by an ending scene.

Video documentation

© Rizki Resa Utama