From solo exhitbion RE Junge Kunst Wolfsburg 2015

Ausländer #03
Ausländer #06


15 Pieces / Ultra-chrome Print / 35×26 cm

In this diary-based photographic project the artist attempts to imitate another foreigner‘s appearance to create a collective identity construction. Firstly, the artist asked foreigners, who he met in his environment in Germany, to be photographed and imitated in their private room. Afterwards, the foreigners took the role as the photographer, directed and photographed the artist, while he was wearing their “appearance”. Within this series of works, the exchanging roles are seen as an imitation process of being the other and as a performative action to be (perfectly) identical as it could be. In the process of making the work, the artist and all the participants were using mostly “broken” German.

In order to be able to fit into a new environment, individuals have a tendency to embrace popular manners or to “restyle” themselves into different individuals. This is done in order to achieve a higher sense of contentment within a particular social scope. This work has been made in order to question the generalization that is commonly addressed to the one who looks different, the archetypal foreigner.


© Rizki Resa Utama