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9min 51sec (excerpt 4min 14 sec)
2-Channel Video / HD / Colour / Sound / Indonesian

This 2 Channel video work consists of two projections shown on opposite surfaces in a dark room. On one projection, a man with a camera gives direction in a language. On the other side a mime appears in front of a black background and behind him is another person who is tied at the waist and arms and all his movements are responsive with the mimes. The “Director” is writing words, which are commonly used in daily life, and only through the  gestures of mime the meaning of the words can be revealed.

This work tries to explore the question of how behavior in a society is being formed and how language is being used. One, who lost the ability to follow the rhythm of the language and cultural dynamic in where he/she is, will naturally feel the need to “learn” or “re-learn” more than the subtleties of language to be understood.

This work is shown in a dark room, which gives the impression of being in a dark auditorium of a theater or in the backstage area of a film production. This creates a bigger possibility to observe the intimate interaction between director, actor and mime. The viewer has to go back and forth between the two projections to understand it as a whole.

Bangun – Waking up
Makan – Eating
Panik – Panicking
Berangkat – Leaving
Bekerja – Working
Marah – Being mad
Pulang – Going
Bersosialisasi – Socializing
Berselisih – Arguing
Sedih – Being sad
Bersenang-senang – Revelling

© Rizki Resa Utama