Go To School Video_Installation View

© I SEE International Video Art Festival

Video Still Go To School



13min 15sec (excerpt 5min)
1-Channel Video / HD / Colour / Sound / English

The pantomime is a professional and working in Germany (Europe). He has a relatively ”normal” European size of body and appearance. He uses green make up and a green costume. Behind him, a non-European-looking performer will be tied up in his knee, hips, chest, arm wrist and they are going to perform in front of a camera in a green screen studio. The European pantomime is asked to act out the stereotype or clichés of European in their general daily lives.

Stereotypes appear as a consequence of the existence of distance between two groups and it is changing or developing based on the context in the common environment, where these two groups meets. Since stereotype attempts to push people to put their collective self and behave in to a certain direction (desirable way), this work tries to not only questioning the translation between the performers, but also investigating the relation between two groups in a bigger context.

© Rizki Resa Utama